Friday, November 6, 2009

Compensation Scam Reborn - - Using the Name of United Nations

Once again cyber criminals are attacking innocent internet users with the so called "Compensation From United Nations". The following mail I received just yesterday and immediately sharing with my readers so that we collectively may stop cyber cowboys to be succeeded in their bad intentions.


Sent: Thu, November 5, 2009 10:14:47 PM
Subject: united nations compensation bank draft

The UNITED NATIONS has agreed to compensate all the people that had an unfinished
transaction or international Fund transfer that failed due to Government
problem or those that have been Frauded in the Internet by dubious Individuals.The
sum of US$350,000.00 was issued to each of you .We found your name in our
list as one of the
beneficiary and that is why we are contacting you through this medium. This
have been agreed upon and have been signed.
You are advised now to contact Dr Stephen Alabi of Intercontinental
Bank Plc via his Email Address;,as he
is our representative who is in charge of dispatching your bank draft to

You are to Send the information below to Dr.Stephen Alabi via his email
address; for immediate delivery of your
Draft to you.

Full Names (Surname First).......
Current Address...................
Telephone #..............
Contact him immediately with the requested information above for your
International Bank Draft of USD$ 350,000.00 USD.

Have a nice day and Hope you use this Money Wisely

Gen Ban Kin Moon
Secretary General (UNITED NATIONS)


Be ware! Its a cyber world and try to share this mail as much as possible; so that we can save innocent internet users to be victims of such scams and frauds.

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