Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cybercrime Alerts on Holyday Season - - PayPal Warns of Christmas Fraud

PayPal, the popular online payment service warned consumers that this holiday season they should be careful when they pull out their credit cards to make a purchase, even though the deals may look much more tempting than those available on high street.

While the Office for National Statistics research estimates that around 27 million people will hit the Internet this year for their Christmas shopping, PayPal released their own statistic that only one in every seven shoppers will actually check to make sure the site they are making a purchase on is ?safe?.

PayPal is warning shoppers that they need to pay close attention when purchasing presents this year, so that they are not paying for poor quality or non-existent gifts.

Head of risk and security at PayPal, Garreth Griffith, stated that shoppers may be able to find great deals online, but they should not sacrifice their security in the hunt to do so.

Griffith continued to say that there are easy steps one can take to protect themselves online and that these steps should especially be taken if a deal looks too good to be true.

One of these steps is looking around a website for a padlock icon and making sure that a company is really what the website claims it is.

In another PayPal report the company stated that a large amount of online shoppers this year will come from those who live in the countryside and want to find online bargains like those who live in cities.

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