Monday, October 12, 2009

Increasing Online Clicking By "Virtual People" Hurting Google Adsense and It's Advertisers

Since earning online is relatively easier than just working offline, some people try to abuse this easy-money industry. And in this process, Google Adsense and its advertisers become thoroughly affected by people who try to abuse the system. Did you know that a considerable huge amount of money (around 1 billion dollars) fall to the hands of online click fraudsters. This money comes from the hands of advertisers who have dedicated their investments in trying to obtain a good return of investment. But to their dismay, they become victims of online click fraudsters and receive nothing less but online clicks from “virtual people”.

Ideally, Google and publishers/site owners are considered as partners trying to advertise the ads produced by Adsense. Advertisers pay Google on a per click basis, whenever people click on their ads and is directed to the advertiser’s site. This earnings made by Google is then divided with the site owners, who also provided traffic to the advertiser’s site. However, the former decides how much the latter will earn, which may depend on different factors.

This mutual relationship of earning is flawed due to the existence of online click fraudsters. These fraudsters click on different Adsense ads in the hope of creating more income. Moreover, most have even created blogs or sites for the sole purpose of extracting revenue from these Adsense ads. Thus, they prey on the advertiser’s money and eventually, the advertiser loses money.

To gain more ranking, fraudsters make use of clickbot software to establish networks of sites and click bots. Other fraudsters try to over click ads in their sites, which results to an unstable Click through Ratio or CTR. While some may get away with it, people who are caught become banned from using their accounts and are not given what Google Adsense owes them for the month. To be able to not encounter the same fate of losing your Adsense account, one should not commit acts of online fraud.

These advertisers have placed online ads in the hope of also earning more money. Presence of fraudsters gives these advertisers less chance of having a good ROI. Due to chance of losing more money online and getting less of what they are paying for, they may consider not to advertise anymore using PPC. Hence, the online community might lose one of its sources of online revenue if this has not been given much attention.

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