Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cyber Security Threats in Near Future - - Africa: An Emerging Capital of Cyber Crime Can Leave Behind China And Russia

Russia and China are often considered the two nations leading in cyber crime, but there’s a runner-up that could take the leading spot in Internet misdeeds: Africa.

Cyber-security experts estimate that 80 percent of computers on the African continent are already infected with viruses and other malicious software, according to Foreign Policy. The combination of housing the world’s most vulnerable computers and a majority of a population lacking basic knowledge of IT makes the computers easy targets for skilled botnet operators and hackers.

Also, with the exception of Egypt and South Africa, most African countries lack the legal infrastructure to prosecute, or even stop the rise in cyber crime. Despite commitments made at a Regional Cyber-security Forum for Africa and Arab states held last year, there is little coordination between countries on how to deal with cyber-security.

While the continent as a whole is lagging behind in cybersecurity, there are a few countries that have made advancements. Tunisia, for example, has created the first national security institute in Africa, and Nigeria has developed a national cybersecurity initiative aimed at raising awareness and battling online fraud.

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