Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Judicial Division to Handle Computer Crimes in Sharjah - - Reported By Khaleej Times

Dubai - The UAE government will set up a court dealing with cyber crimes in Sharjah as the country steps up its drive against growing sophistication among criminals operating via the internet, local daily Khaleej Times reported on Wednesday.

The country will also improve its laws against blackmail, pornography and financial fraud by people using the internet, Justice Minister Hadif bin Jowan al-Dhaheri said.

"We are working now to establish a special court related to cyber crime similar to that which deals with labour matters," Dhaheri was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

He said the court will be federal and will be located in Sharjah to “deal mostly with cyber crime cases in Sharjah and the Northern Emirates”.

The larger emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have their own courts to rule on cyber crimes.

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