Thursday, December 17, 2009

$1.2 Million Payments Scam Using the Name of SPINFINDER GMBH

After quite a few days, I'm here to share a new cyber attack in the form of "Winning Notice" from somewhere. With the Christmas eve coming close and close; the cyber bad boys are accelerating their efforts to fool the internet users and make money to enjoy Christmas.

We have posted before the warnings and alerts for our readers from different sources to beware of internet fraud in the holiday season coming ahead. Online purchasing scams, lottery scams, winning notifications and lot more flooding towards cyber world to target the internet users for making money.

The latest mail, from SPINFINDER GMBH, on the subjected issue I got few days back and going to share with you:


From: Franziska Aloïs Süssmuth (Spinfinder GMBH) (
Sent: Sat, December 12, 2009 7:47:55 AM
Subject: FUNDS UPDATE SFG/567TY/09

Dear Beneficiary,

We have received your e-mail and instruction has been passed for the immediate release of your funds amounting One Million, Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars ($1,200,000USD) to you the beneficiary.

Your funds have been authorized for remittance to you; the verification exercise has been concluded. All you have to do is to contact the below mentioned Payment Officer to direct you on what to do.

Contact your Payment Officer on this e-mail:

Do send the below

Full Names:
Contact Address:
Reachable Telephone Number:
(To the Head of the International Remittance Department as below)

Ruben Freiss.
(Senior Payment Officer)
Director International Remittance Department
Bцrsenplatz 6, D-60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Private Tel: +49-1520-7660-661

Your urgent attention in contacting the director will expedite the release of your funds.

Franziska Aloпs Sьssmuth
Spinfinder GMBH
Frankfurt, Germany


So beware! Its a cyber world and you may be the next prospective target for these cybercriminals. Your comments and suggestions will add positivity to my efforts; so your comments and suggestions are welcomed and will be appreciated.

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