Thursday, September 10, 2009

Email Security Is Much More Needed To Protect Yourself Against Cybercrimes

Email security is something that people don’t give much importance in their scheme of things. But let me tell you, its much more important than you perceive. Emails are like open letters that someone can easily hack if unsecured. It’s a cake walk for hackers compared to what they have accomplished in the past. Here are some utilities that will full proof your digital letters.

# Send secure encrypted Emails:

Sending Emails having usernames passwords insecurely makes no sense. Encrypt your Emails with the use of an encryption software that ensures 100% security for important confidential Emails. ‘Send It Secure‘ is a online software which asks for your identity by entering your password before it sends your Email.

# Email with secure certificates:

When you send an Email it goes through a jumbled network from many different computers, making your digital letter a potential prey for hackers. ‘Comodo’s Secure E-Mail Certificates‘ is a software that lets you digitally sign your Email and ensuring that anyone who tries to breach your private Emails can’t break the code.

With millions of Emails being send from countless network nodes everyday, Email security becomes paramount.

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