Sunday, May 16, 2010

Online Auctions: Present Trend for Sale And Purchase - - Are We Compromising Safety Over Facility??

Online auctions are very trendy now days. You can sell and buy just about anything over the Internet. There are different items that have been auction. Shoes, cars, furniture, computer, electronic gadgets and most especially jewelry.

Two of the most used auction sites is eBay and another is Ubii. Sometimes they don’t have hold over their user despite of their encrypted database secured.

Online auctions help many people to purchase items they want at a fraction of the retail cost. They also may able to help a businessperson to establish himself or herself as being reputable.

We don’t have the capacity to predict who’s lying or scamming; the only thing we can do is trust that the seller is honest. If you won the bid of that item and you have doubts if it’s authenticated, take time to read the customer’s feedback, this information will tell you if the seller is honest or if he or she has had complaints against them.

Check the shipment fee sometimes the seller will jack up the price. Ask questions or clarification to the seller including the return policy. If you are not satisfied with the information you get and you still like that you may be able to find it somewhere else on the site.

Many victims have been deceived, however the security and policies on auction sites have become very strict to reduce the chance of fraud. Selling fake products or defective items and after receiving the money, they disappear. Buyers should be vigilant and careful when sending payments.

There are popular services that transfer funds to the seller, these are PayPal and Pay Direct and sometimes they have protection against from fraud. Never send money through wire transfer, it’s hard for you to find the person you are sending it to.

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