Thursday, May 20, 2010

ScamChecker: Free Online Service - - Designed to Help You Make a Decision About Whether It’s Safe to Buy From An Online Store

ScamChecker is a free online service which is designed to help you make a decision about whether it’s safe to buy from an online store you’re worried about. Just fill in the checkmark boxes and see the odds of it being a fraudulent shop.

From my experience, the first sign to look out for is whether they accept Paypal or not. If they do, they’re most probably OK. If they don’t, watch out (especially if they specify Western Union payment or refuse credit cards).

Also check out this page of over 5700 scam domains in China (do a CTRL-F to search for a name you’re worried about). It’s not infallible, scammers shut down old and register new domains regularly, but it’s a start.

All you need to do is look through the suspect website for particular features. If you find them, tick the corresponding box in the checklist. To help you through the process, there is also a guide written to further explain, it’s up to you if you want to use it. If the Checklist says the website is a scam, then yes we think the website is a scam, you don’t need to email me to be sure.

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