Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cell Phone Virus Threat Prevailing Widely - - Zombie Virus Still to be Coped in China, Effected More Than 1 Million Cell Phones Already

After wide-spread of Zombie Virus, which has already effected more than one million mobiles in china, Chinese concerned authorities are trying their level best to stop the further spread of a spam-texting virus; so that the further damage can be minimized.

Hacking is the drawback of using smarterphones and China is experiencing the threat right now. More than 1 million cell phone users in China have been infected with a virus, dubbed as Zombie, that automatically sends text messages to the numbers stored in contact list of the infected cell phone, and this virus attack is costing users a huge amount of 2 million Yuan ($300,000 U.S.) per day.

As some details revealed by Shanghai Daily, "the 'Zombie' virus, hidden in a bogus antivirus application, once installed, can send the phone user's SIM card information to hackers, who then remotely control the phone to send URL links to the contacts." Once these spam text messages are opened by the receiver that will infect others with the virus or are sent to pay-to-text phone numbers, draining cash for the hackers.

China’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team Centre is working hardly and continuously to resolve the trouble. Authorities are already facing lot of problems to target the real culprits due to widely spread copycat viruses.

An Upsetting Trend of Increasing Smartphone Viruses/Hacking:

More exploits, hacks, and viruses are likely to hurt phones worldwide, as the smartphone market continues to grow with a rapid pace. A current forecast by Imperva also supports the above-mentioned fact. “We expect exponential growth in the number of incidents related to mobile devices in the next few years. From theft or compromise of information in these devices, through massive infection campaigns, and up to frequent exploit of the vulnerabilities introduced into the server side.”

In July, a cyber security company discovered that a series of Android wallpaper apps were packaged with a virus that steals personal information.

It’s very much clear that technology never comes without hazards and drawbacks related to it that are exploited by the hackers and cybercriminals.

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