Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Scam Alert ! Women More Like to fall For Internet Scams - - Recent Survey by Knowthenet, UK

Women are significantly more likely to fall for scams on the Internet than men, concludes a survey based on an online test.

In six of the seven tests, most women fail to recognize a scam compared to men. Women assumed familiar with technology, between 25 and 34, comprise the group most vulnerable to scams, according to the site Knowthenet, UK.

The study group consisted of 2,000 online shoppers, who had assessed their ability to detect hits on a variety of online situations, including the supply of goods with malicious intent, attachments, spam and identification of fake pages on social networks.

In the same way that draws attention, this study should be fairly superficial interpreted cautiously. The site does not explain how participants were chosen, which immediately breaks rule number one of good research practices, nor how many people of each gender were equivalent.

Taking into account the test of online fraud submitted by the company, it can confirm that at least one skeptical and negative attitude may result in higher scores, and this has more to do with the experience of using the Internet than with any difference between men and women.

There is also a perception that even experienced Internet users may be misled if the scam occurs in an unexpected place and through a plausible scenario. People end up clicking “Yes” at some point.

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