Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Julian Assange, Founder of WikiLeaks, Arrested in London - - Accused by the Swedish Justice of Sexual Abuse And Rape of Two Women

WikiLeaks‘s founder, Julian Assange, was arrested this morning by the Metropolitan Police of London, England.

In a statement published by the Guardian, British police confirmed the arrest of Australian aged 39, from 9:30 am British time.

Assange is accused by the Swedish Justice of sexual abuse and rape of two women allegedly committed in August this year. The country issued a warrant for Assange on November 18, but the action was overridden by a procedural error. A new warrant was issued on December 2.

The founder of WikiLeaks must be presented at 12:30 in Westminster, central London, unless he gets some judicial review.

According to British newspaper, the founder of WikiLeaks performed willingly. According to his lawyer, he is anxious to know exactly what the charges are against him.

In recent weeks, WikiLeaks has promoted the protests on the part of governments and world diplomacy for disclosing secret documents to countries like USA, France, England and even Brazil.

WikiLeaks is a transnational nonprofit organization, headquartered in Sweden, which publishes on his Web site, posts from anonymous sources, documents, photos or confidential information leaked from governments or corporations, on sensitive issues. The site was built on various software packages, including MediaWiki, Freenet, Tor and PGP. Despite its name, Wikileaks is a wiki – readers who do not have the appropriate permissions can not edit the contents.

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