Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cybercriminals Believe in "Try Try Again" - - Lottery Scam Using Name of AUSTRALIA LOTTERY INCORPORATION

 Beware! Its Cyber World - - Lottery Scam: We have to learn something from the cybercriminals because they strictly believe in the phrase "Try Try Again". 

Few days back i discussed a mail containing Winning Notification from Antoinette Ramos on behalf of AUSTRALIA LOTTERY INCORPORATION. Today I received the same gain with few changes like contact numbers and email addresses; but the purpose is the same to cheat innocent internet users. This is a total internet fraud, like many before shared here

Dear readers, don't believe it and don't respond to any of the contacts given in the mail whether it is Andrew Morgan or Antoinette Ramos. Your any kind of response will make them sure that your email address is live and you will start getting hell of spam mails.

The following email hit my inbox today only.

From: Australian Lotto Inc (gdyhbgunj89@web.de)
Sent: Tue, December 7, 2010 10:47:27 PM
Subject: You are a Winner call this no +2347030272799

Ticket number: WFD-6540089-GIL1
Lotto number: DMN/28123/10
Winning no: AULOTTO/2115/LPRC
Reference Number: PLV/MU/1601/2010

CONGRATULATIONS ....................

Dear sir / madam.

We are pleased to inform you that your email address won the lottery in 2010 Australia international online lottery and your email address was placed on the second list as the winner in the second category.

All email addresses were attached to various ticket numbers and you have been approved a lump sum of $ 900,000 (Nine hundred thousand dollars) as the winner in this lottery which was carried out by Microsoft and supported by the Australia lottery .

Your name name and email address on your file is to be paid in our regional office in Africa , you must therefore contact our agent with your winning number that is in the upper left corner of this message.

Get in touch with our American agent. Mr. Andrew O. Morgan, He is currently working with our representatives in Nigeria who is assigned to all the winners of the American continents.

Contact Mr Andrew Morgan  to claim your prize or call your agent

Email:  mr.andrewomorgan@yahoo.com.au

Phone: +2347030272799


Ms. Antoinette Ramos

Lottery Coordinator * 


Be careful and beware! its a cyber world and two third of internet users are subject to be victimization of internet fraud, online scams or cybercrime.

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