Monday, February 21, 2011

Lottery Scam: Microsoft Sweepstakes Promotion 2011 - - Your Batch No: 074/05/ZY369 Your Reference No: UK/9420X/05

Beware! Its a Cyber World: Microsoft Sweepstakes Promotion 2011

Today I received the following mail and I'm sure thousands of internet users would have received that email winning notification; pretending to be exclusively for me.   
Unknown person notifying me for winning GBP. 550,000 cash award and Toshiba laptop from Microsoft Corporation and asking for my personal details, as usual in such cases, to be provided to Mr Patrick Parker further processing. Further processing will end up on the demand of processing fee.

It's a scam, so don't get trapped and never send your personal information.

From: Microsoft Corporations (
Sent: Mon, February 21, 2011 2:34:21 PM
Subject: Microsoft Award

Microsoft Sweepstakes Promotion,
100 Victoria St, London SW1E 5JL
United Kingdom
Customer Service.

You have been awarded the sum of 550,000 GBP and a Toshiba laptop in the
on going Microsoft Sweepstakes Promotion 2011. For claims send the above
reference number and batch number for verification and release of winning
prize. Mr Patrick Parker

Your Batch No: 074/05/ZY369
Your Reference No: UK/9420X/05

(Foreign Transfer Manager)
Mr Patrick Parker
Tel: +44 702-407-1307
    +44 704-577-9151   
Email :
Please keep on sharing your comments and similar fraud mails and scams; so that our efforts can save the internet users from any kind of cyber victimization.  


Gokarna,Abhagi said...

I am gokarna koirala yesterday i got message like i won 1.5 million it says to me to fill up the address and i did it but i dont know what was that still i am confused what was that give me some idea.

Hafeezan said...

hopefully our people in Malaysia will not response for this scam email. Already have a few cases here similar to this offer. He lost a lot of money.

Hafeezan said...

hopefully our people in Malaysia not response to this scam email. Its happen before but different kind of method. Instead of getting the money, he lost his money.

Anonymous said...

thanx man i received like this

debbie said...

Exactly!!! I got the mail this morning. Thanks for the info.

S.Gino said...


S.Gino said...


Anonymous said...

i got the same e-mail but mine looked more professional. i questioned why the incoming e-mail wasn't from a microsoft e-mail. i ended up filling out the information and the told me to contact another legit company to claim my prize. they wanted shipping and handling. i told them they can put the money into my paypal account and gave them a donation link. the money went in. i couldn't believe it. i believe that these scammers are using real contests to hide their scams. if you are asked for money for shipping and handling use a paypal link instead. if they won't send it that way they are scammers.

Anonymous said...

I just received one with the contact : Joseph Hield, E-mail :
phone : 44-702-409-7850
I(microsoft sweepstakes promotion 2011'm the legal winner of 950,00 GBP. Might include that name to list of BS scams

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's true?
I also received with the same e-mail from Microsoft Sweepstakes promotion from uk.,

Anonymous said...

I received the same mail this Sat but i don't easily fall on the trap so i searched for more info. about the source .Thanks for the warning (I'm in SA).

Anonymous said...

I have just received this email today, I will delete it and mark as spam forever

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