Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Double Sequel of "Matrix" .... Reality or Hoax ..?? - - Representative of Keanu Reeves Denied Any Truth in The Reports

Reports that two Matrix sequels were in the works sent film fans into overdrive, but the news is now said to be a hoax. 

 News hovering on the web that that Keanu Reeves had announced two sequels to the hit Matrix trilogy were being planned during a question and answer session at the London School of Performing Arts. 

Reeves reportedly said he had met with the film's directors, the Wachowski brothers, over Christmas and the pair were working on two films that would see Reeves return as the trilogy's hero, Neo. 

He reportedly said the new films would once again revolutionize action films and there was talk of filming them in 3D. 

Reeves was alleged to have said they would meet again once the Wachowskis had finished work on their latest film, Cloud Atlas. 

But a representative for Reeves says the reports are completely false, The Examiner reported. 

"None of it is true. He did not speak nor get an award from the London International School of Performing Arts." 

The original Matrix film is considered a classic, but the two sequels were met with middling reviews.

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