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African American Heritage Stamps Are Being Disposed Off by USPS - - Old Email Hoax Reborn Again With No reality

Beware! Its a Cyber World - - Summary:

Long running rumour claims that US Postal Service is about to destroy remaining African American Heritage stamps because not enough people are buying them.

In fact, the rumour is false. Versions of the rumour have circulated since at least the year 2000. The USPS has repeatedly denied the rumour and notes that it has no plans to discontinue the Black Heritage Stamp series or destroy any existing Black Heritage stamps. 

Take a look to the mail below:


FYI and action as you deem appropriate ...


Thurgood Marshall, Roy Wilkins, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Patricia Roberts Harris are all on these stamps.

Please forward this and buy a book of our stamps ASAP.

The P.O. will DESTROY all remaining African American Heritage stamps at the end of the month instead of following their usual procedure of selling them until they are depleted. Why? Because we're not buying them! However, our postal workers are asking patrons to complain to the Post Master, via a complaint form. Please ask for and complete the form (at the post office). Skip the love, flag, rose or Teddy- bear stamps that they offer you automatically. Request African-American stamps every time. If we don't buy them, nobody will. We need to keep the little things that we do get!

Please send this email to all your friends so we can keep BLACK STAMPS in circulation!!!!
Beware! It's a Cyber World  - - Explanation:

According to a rumour that circulates via email, blog posts and social networking sites, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is about to destroy all remaining African American Heritage stamps because not enough of them are being sold. The message urges recipients to buy the stamps as well as send an official complaint form to the Post Master in the hope that the decision will be reversed thereby keeping the "black stamps" in circulation.

However, the rumour has no basis in fact. The USPS has no intention of either discontinuing the African American Heritage series or destroying any existing African American Heritage stamps. The rumour began circulating as far back as the year 2000. Since then, the USPS has repeatedly denied the claims. In 2000, the USPS issued the first of several media statements denying the rumour:


Numerous media reports and internet messages have claimed recently that the U.S. Postal Service will soon discontinue its long-standing Black Heritage stamp series. According to Executive Director, Stamp Services Azeezaly S. Jaffer, "Given the popularity and importance of the Black Heritage stamps, there are no plans to discontinue the series. It is unfortunate that such rumors have spread, and we hope that the Postal Service’s commitment to honoring the historical achievements and contributions of African Americans on stamps will dispel any further concerns."

The U.S. Postal Service Black Heritage series began 21 years ago with a stamp honoring American abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. The most recent stamp in the series was released in January and honored American civil rights leader, Malcolm X. Next year’s honoree will be announced in October when all of the year 2000 commemorative stamps are unveiled.
In 2003, USPS issued another statement dismissing the story as false:
Discontinuing the series?
Destroying the stamps? No way! Just more of those untrue Internet rumors.

A recent Internet rumor saying the Postal Service is discontinuing the Black Heritage series, is another one of those untrue yarns that the Internet is sometimes famous for, as is the rumor that the Postal Service is destroying current Black Heritage series stamps."

"The fact is, the Black Heritage stamp series is one of our most popular. We have no plans whatsoever to discontinue it. The Postal Service remains as strongly committed to honoring the historical achievements and contributions of African-Americans on stamps, as we've always been.
Then, in February, 2004, the USPS issued the following news release debunking the rumour:

WASHINGTON - The Postal Service is committed to honoring African Americans on stamps and will continue to do so.

Recent newspaper articles and fast spreading Internet rumors stating that the U.S. Postal Service will discontinue its long-standing Black Heritage stamp series are totally untrue, as is the allegation that the Postal Service has directed that current stamps be destroyed.

"This rumor is totally false," said Executive Director of Stamp Services David Failor. "In fact, on Jan. 20, we issued the Paul Robeson commemorative stamp, the 27th in our popular Black Heritage series."
A year later, in March 2005, the USPS again issued a news release denying the stories:
Postal Service's popular Black Heritage Stamp series here to stay

WASHINGTON - To dispel recurring rumors that its long-standing Black Heritage stamp series will be discontinued, a senior postal official reiterated the Postal Service's continued commitment to honoring African Americans on stamps.

"Nothing could be further from the truth. These rumors continue to resurface around this time of year," explained David Failor, Executive Director of Stamp Services, U.S. Postal Service, referring to the deluge of inquiries the Postal Service receives shortly after a Black Heritage stamp issuance.

He said, "As a main component of our annual stamp program, the Black Heritage series is alive and well, and here to stay. We're already looking forward to announcing next year's honoree this fall."

The myth started several years ago through an anonymous email that alerted recipients to buy Black Heritage stamps before Post Offices take them off sale due to lack of demand.

"Black Heritage stamps, as with all commemorative stamps, generally remain on-sale for one year or as long as supplies last," Failor added. "If a local Post Office has sold out, and has yet to replenish its supply, Failor said customers can easily order all stamps online at The Postal Store ( or by phone at 800-STAMP24."
Despite these repeated official denials and the fact that the Black Heritage series stamps are still being issued and sold, this rumour continues to circulate more than a decade after its first appearance.

If you receive this utterly pointless rumour, please do not send it on to others. Spreading such false information will serve no worthwhile purpose. And please take a moment to let the sender know that the information in the message is untrue.

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