Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reality of Pen PC - Amazing Technology From Japan

Beware! It's a Cyber World - - Summary:

An email being spreading all over claims that attached photographs depict a revolutionary new pen-shaped personal computer that operates via a projected virtual keyboard and monitor.

In fact, these photographs are genuine but they show only a prototype computer. These devices are not yet available to consumers. It is currently unknown when or where if personal computers of this type will become available to the public.


Subject: FW: Amazing Technology from Japan!

I must have one of these

Look closely and guess what they could be...

Are they pens with cameras?

Any wild guesses? No clue yet?

Ladies and gentlemen... congratulations!
You've just looked into the future... yep that's right!

You've just seen something that will replace your PC in the near future.

Here is how it works:

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