Sunday, August 30, 2009


This type of mail can make you happy; until and unless you found it that it's a scam. If you proceed with such mail by replying them, as they want and show your interest these Bad Boys will try to convince you with any possible mean. At the end they will ask to send $1,000 or something like this; for processing and courier charges to send your payment check.

THE JACK-POT MEGA MILLIONS 24-27 ROYAL GATE LONDON,UK MH 45LX10 REFERENCE NUMBER:JAN/MEGA/141/009 BATCH NUMBER:74/44319/JPMM PIN NUMBER:*556*# Dear Winner The Jack-Pot Mega Millions Lottery happily announces to you the Draw of the just concluded beginning of the year sweepstakes(March 2009)lottery. Your E-mail ID won a total sum of £1,000,000.00 GBP Sterling, from JACK POT MEGA MILLION LOTTERY INC annual promotion To file for claim, fill out the information required in the verification form and establish contact via e-mail between the hours of 8.00am-7.30pm on Monday through Saturday and contact our overseas claims fiduciary unit with the information below: OVERSEAS CLAIMS UNIT JACK POT PAYMENT DIRECTOR Mr.Elmer Graham Direct Tel:+44 701 113 7562 Tel:+44 7045 701354 VERIFICATION FORM 1.FULL NAMES: 2.ADDRESS: 3.AGE: 4.E-MAIL ADDRESS: 5.TELEPHONE NUMBER: 6.COUNTRY: 7.OCCUPATION: 8.NATIONALITY: Yours faithfully, Patrick Brian(Mr.) On line coordinator for Jack Pot Mega Millions. Sweepstakes International Program. *Jack Pot Mega Million Lottery is a free service that does not require you to buy a ticket,it is an annual promotion that is coordinated in every first quota of the year*. Be ware of such mails because It's Cyber World.

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