Sunday, April 22, 2012

Save kids from cyber bullying, its worse than porn: Study by Elisabeth Staksrud

In context to kids using internet; a widely accepted perception is that the online porn is the most harmful content for the immature minds of children being in touch with web or internet; but now a recent study contradict with this perception.

Save kids from cyber bullying, its worse than porn: Study by Elisabeth Staksrud
According to a latest study conducted in Norway by Elisabeth Staksrud – formerly employed at the Norwegian Media Authority and has extensive experience studying the effectiveness of measures to keep kids safe in cyberspace – concludes that porn isn’t the most dangerous online threat to children. It’s cyber-bullying between youngsters, which child protection filters have no way of stopping.

Cyber-bullying is the most important issue to be tackled, while we wan to save the psychological state of minds of our teens, even more diligently than the available porn on the inernet. 

A study conducted by Telenor, the Norwegian telecom company, suggests that sixty six out of hundred (66%) children from 10 to 15 years of age  reveal that they or their friends have received bullying messages on the internet or mobiles. And 14% say this is a widespread phenomenon of modern era.

While several parents choose to use internet filters to shield their children, few think the likelihood that their own kids are bullying others, according to Staksrud’s study.
Her study hints out what parents should do to keep their children away from internet risks.

“Talk to your kids. Across Europe the youngsters who are generally best at tackling the internet are the ones whose parents have positive attitudes and play active roles in their use of the web. The best thing to do is get involved as early as possible. That’s when kids think it fun to have their parents take part.”

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