Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brain Hemorrhage by High Frequency Call on Mobile Phones -- Rebirth of an Hoax in Form of Text Messages

I received a text message on my cellphone yesterday from an unknown number in which sender warned me not to attend a call from a specific number because it could cause brain hemorrhage to the listener due to high frequency. 

Brain Hemorrhage by High Frequency Call on Mobile Phones
The message further claims that the suspected number appears on the mobile phone screen in ‘red color’. Referring to a reliable news source ‘Daily Dawn’, the sender also claimed that 27 people have died just because of receiving the call from this number.

The message reads like this:

Don’t attend any call from 0346344446 this number comes in red colour. U may get brainhamrage due to high frequency. 27 persons died just receiving the call. Watch Daily Dawn News to confirm. Please inform all your friends and relatives soon – its urgent..

Rationally thinking, I never believed on the contents of this message and searched for the reality behind this message. 

I found that this kind of hoax messages started back in 2007 in the form of email and similar text messages/SMS; but the hoax was debunked by Urban Legends. 

Same type of evidence found on several other websites like, that clearly proves the message in context as a ‘Reborn Hoax’.
Despite of no hard evidence that where these alleged deaths occurred, the rumor continue to persist in different forms.

Urban Legends described it as “Don't panic, it's a hoax. Variants of the so-called "red number," "cursed phone number," or "death call" hoax first appeared on April 13, 2007 (Friday the 13th) in Pakistan, where they caused widespread panic and inspired a slew of ancillary rumors, including the claim that the phone calls, if listened to, could also trigger impotence in men and pregnancy in women. According to news reports, Pakistanis were heard trading secondhand stories of actual deaths that had supposedly occurred, with some claiming the fatalities were the handiwork of ancestral spirits enraged by the construction of a cell phone tower over a graveyard.”


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