Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fanbox Promotion/Award Scam -- Fanbox Itself Being Used to Scam Fanbox Users

Beware! Its a Cyber World -- Fanbox Promotion/Award Scam

I shared lot of scams and spam mails on my blog 'Internet Fraud and Cyber Scams'; but today I'm going to share a weird mail/message which I received in my Fanbox inbox. The screen shot of the message is given below:

Screen Shot: Fanbox Promotion/Award Scam Winning Notification

As a member of Fanbox community I use to receive several mails/messages in my Fanbox inbox, which is quite normal activity for Fanbox users and members to communicate with each other.
As soon as I saw the message, I was deadly sure that this is a scam to cheat Fanbox users and members. The popularity of Fanbox is certainly enticing cyber cowboys to utilize their skills in cheating people using this forum. 
Cyber criminals are hunting each and every possibility to exploit innocent internet users and popular forums and platforms are their prime targets.
See the contents of the mail/message and read more on the link provided below:

No Spam, Please

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