Saturday, July 2, 2011

Email Spam Lottery Scam - - Winning Notification From Mrs. Anna Marthins on Behalf of UK National Lottery Promo

Beware! Its a Cyber World  - - Lottery Scam: UK National Lottery Promo
Following mail I received today from Mrs. Anna Marthins (Online Co-ordinator) to claim the lottery prize, fraudulently on behalf of  UK National Lottery Promo (Online Sweepstakes International Program 2011).

Its a Winning Notification of £800,000 GBP (Eight hundred Thousand pounds sterling); which is a scam to cheat you for courier fee or advance fee charges.

From: Mrs Anna Marthins (
Sent: Sat, July 2, 2011 2:49:40 AM


This is to inform you that your Email ID has
just been awarded £800,000GBP (Eight Hundred
Thousand (British Pounds) in the ongoing Uk
National Lottery Promo held on the 30th of
June,2011 in London UK.The Selection was
carried out through a Computer Random
Selection System and your mail address emerge
as one of the three Lucky Winners.
Contact our fiduciary agent for claims with:
    Agents Name:Mr.Andrew Logan

REF No: UK/9876125
BATCH No: 2009MJL-01
TICKET No: 20511465463-7644 

Fill the below:

1. Full Names:  2. Address: 3. Marital Status: 
4. Occupation: 5. Age: 6. Sex: 7. Nationality: 8.
Country of Residence: 9. Telephone Number:


Mrs.Anna Marthins
Online Co-ordinator"
Result: Never respond to such spam/scam mails.

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