Saturday, April 9, 2011

Online Banking Alert From ICICI Bank - - A New Phishing Scam for ICICI Customers to Steal Their Personal Information

Beware! Its a Cyber World - - Summary: Online Banking Alert From ICICI Bank

Email, purporting to be from India's ICICI Bank claims that the recipient's account is locked due to invalid attempts of logging-in supposedly done to secure the personal information of recipient. Further, it is instructed to update the information through the link given in the mail.

I received this mail today from ICICI Online Banking Service; but I have never been a client of ICICI bank. Even I never applied for any account in ICICI bank. 

No doubt its another phishing scam ..... the email is not from the ICICI Bank. Instead it is a phishing scam designed to trick bank customers into handing over their bank login details to Internet scammers.

Once anyone will click the link given in the mail it will lead to a look-a-like website of ICICI. The screen shot is given below:

 Following are the contents of mail from cyber criminals:


Sent: Sat, April 9, 2011 4:13:05 PM
Subject: Online Banking Alert

Dear Customer,

We've noticed that you experienced trouble logging into your ICICI Online Banking Account.

After three unsuccessful attempts to access your account, your ICICI Online Profile was locked. This has been done to secure your accounts and to protect your personal information from being compromised. ICICI Bank is committed to making sure that your online transactions are secure.

To unlock your account, and verify your identity please follow this link and sign in:
{link removed}
Online Customer Service

Beware! Its a Cyber World - - Explanation: The message is not from the ICICI Bank and the claim that the recipient's bank account has been locked is a lie designed to trick him or her into the trap set by cyber criminals. Like other legitimate financial entities, the ICICI Bank does not send unsolicited emails asking its customers to provide bank account log-in details. In case of any mail coming from Bank or Financial Institution be careful about following points:
REMEMBER – Bank or Financial Institution will never contact you & ask for your logon details or password or any other personal information over email.

NEVER - follow a link within an email to use Internet Banking facilities - Bank or Financial Institution will never ask you to login from a link in email. - Never tell password(s) to any body.

BEWARE - of fraudulent websites looking similar to your Banking website. - of scam e-mails which may contain virus or be linked to a fraudulent website

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