Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reborn Scam Alert - Winning Notification of £710,000 B.B.C LOTTERY DEPARTMENT

BEWARE! Its a Cyber World - - Winning Notification of £710,000 B.B.C LOTTERY DEPARTMENT:

Yesteray, I received following Lottery Winning Notification from Mr. Garry Lee; while I had never participated in any lottery draw.The link given in the mail is a valid link of website: BBC National Lottery Results. But I couldn't find the winning number provided through the mail below. 
This is kind of reborn scam as same kind of mail i shared here early in this year. See Here.

Clearly, its a lottery scam to cheat innocent internet users and to steal personal information of the recipients for bad intents in the future.

This is a scam like many others in the form of Lottery Winning Notifications.

Sent: Sat, March 26, 2011 11:42:54 AM
Subject: Winning Number : Bonus 22

National Lottery Results.
PO Box 200
Harrogate England,UK

Wednesday March 25th 2011

Dear Winner,

You have won the sum of £710,000 (SEVEN HUNDRED AND TEN THOUSAND,POUNDS
STERLING ) from B.B.C LOTTERY on our 2011 charity Bonanza.

The Winning ticket was selected from a Data Base of Internet Email Users,
from which your Address came out as the winning coupon.

We hereby urge you to claim the winning amount quickly as this is monthly
lottery. Failure to claim your win will result into the reversion
of the fund to our following month.

You are therefore requested to contact immediately out Claims Department
below quoting Winning number : Bonus 22

Contact Person :Mrs.Maryam Alan

Provide the following information needed to process your winning claim.

1.Name:,2.Address:,3.Marital Status:,4.Occupation:,5.Age:6.Draw Number above:

Congratulations once again.

please quote your winning number.

Gary Lee
B.B.C Department..
National Lottery Results

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