Thursday, March 17, 2011

Processing Fee Scam - - $1.2 Million Package Notification from FedEX Courier Company

Beware! Its a Cyber World - - $1.2 Million Package Notification from FedEX Courier Company 

The following mail i received yesterday from someone named as Jonathan Conahan (Dr. Gary Duke) pretending to be from FedEX Courier Company, informing me about big bucks package they received on my behalf and for ultimate delivery they asked me to pay $250 on account of multiple type of processing charges.

When I checked the status of domain of the mail address i came o know this is a notorious domain frequently used for internet frauds and scams. Just put 'ciudad scam' in Google search and you will find lot of scams associated with this domain.
Let's check out the contents of the mail...

From: Jonathan Conahan. (
Sent: Wed, March 16, 2011 11:26:24 PM
Subject: Notification from FedEX Courier Company

Notification from FedEX Courier Company
Dear Customer,
Your package containing $1.2Musd(ONE MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) was recieved here  on monday and As we expected  that we shall email you with the tracking number and information to recieve your parcel this morning before being called by the custom office here in regards to the attempt to send your package pointing that  the parcel could not be sent to you after all because the security agents seized the documents. Their claim is that it is against international law for such a consignment  to be sent through courier service without the normal frame of legal process of the country.

We tried to understand what the manager of the custom office meant by without normal frame of legal documents as we  have certified the parcel and  has become every ready to ship it to your address and send to you the tracking numbers. The manager said that, the issue is beyond their capacity as they normally take parcels submitted to them to the security agents for their certification before despatchment and it was through this course it was discovered that the consignment has no proper documentations and the security agent demanded for proper documentation before the consignment will be mailed to you.
The security agents that is office of the inspector general of police, confirmed that without police reports, that is clearance certificate from the police, custom clearance certificate and insurance policy from Benin Insurance Deposit Corporation(BIDC)that your consignment will not be sent to you.

 According to the Inspector General of Police, the reason is to enable the International Community know that, the consignment is genuine and the government of Benin Republic  has no hands in sponsoring terrorisms or drug related. Based on his statements, it is basically lawful you obtain those documents for your parcel to be sent to you now.

Before emailing you at this time,we have verified to know where and how to get those required certificates and we found out that the listed price of the documents are as follow:

Police Clearance Certificate $50.00
& custom clearance $50.00
Insurance Policy BIDC $75.00
Total Amount $175.00 usd(One hundred and seventy five United States Dollars)

The above are the proper documents required by law before your consignment will be mailed to you. Your urgent reply is highly required now because your parcel is already in the hands of the custom and you will need to send the above mentioned $175 immediately you recieve this email for the endorsement of the listed certificates. For faster action call me on my telephone number +22999623076.or email me on  
Thank you.
Dr.Garry Duke


Anonymous said...

I received the same e-mail informing me about the same parcel. All I had to do was send $175 for cetificates to release it to me and I would have it in as little as two days. This package is supposedly already at customs. I was also asked to send my phone number and address so the package does go to the wrong person. This was asked after it has already gotten to customs. If there was a package with all this money in it, wouldn't you think they would wire it to an account for you? After all, it is already in their bank. Why not wire it to an open account and save the hassle of a package through customs with money in it?

Anonymous said...

i believe almost all of such stories were made by Muslim

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