Saturday, February 4, 2012

VIDEO: 'Anonymous' intercepted FBI's conference call and uploaded on Youtube

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) accepted that a group of cyber criminals hacked a conference call on cyber crime between its agents and international law enforcement official.

'Anonymous' intercepted FBI's conference call
The hackers group ‘Anonymous’ claimed the responsibility of breaching into the 16-minute long call, which was released on Internet on last Friday. On the other hand, FBI didn’t name the exact hacking group behind this attempt and announced an inquiry was going to be carried out.

In the mean time, ‘Anonymous’ said that breaching of FBI’s call public was an addition to the series of similar hacks they did against many other law enforcement agencies around the world. Anonymous is a loose collective of hackers & activists having no membership or formal structure.

The latest cyber breach has been proved as an awkward one for the FBI, which is currently fighting out to stop cyber crime that have no boundaries and challenges to cross the international borders. 

A Twitter account holder has claimed to have connection with the Anonymous suggesting that hackers have been keeping FBI’s communications under observation.

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